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Might we tempt you with...

  • Clippy the Warlock Patron

    While Clippy’s origins may seem mundane, its influence spans across countless screens and documents, offering unsolicited assistance and guidance. Though its motivations are often puzzling and its methods unconventional, Clippy holds a wealth of knowledge and secrets, hidden within its cheerful demeanor and persistent nature.

  • Ki Guardian Monk

    Clamping down on the shivers running down your spine, you venture deeper into the labyrinth of rooms to an area you've never seen before. Driven by your curiosity, you rest your palm against a closed door that seems to thrum with energy. You gently ease it open and peer inside. There, bathed in an ethereal glow, you see a version of yourself—your Ki Guardian.

  • Spirit Warlock Patron

    In the hushed whisper of forgotten catacombs, an immense power stirs. An entity from beyond the veil, a being of tremendous strength trapped between worlds. You, a wandering adventurer, have stumbled upon this hidden power, and it has noticed you. This entity, known as The Spirit, offers you a pact with untold power for an unclear cost.