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Creed's Codex: Legends of the Psions

Creed's Codex: Legends of the Psions

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Awaken Your Psionic Potential

Unleash the power of the mind in your D&D 5E adventures. Whether you’re forging a new character with the formidable psion class or infusing your existing campaign with psychic abilities from the array of feats, spells, creatures, and other psionically-themed content found within—this comprehensive guide is your portal to creating legendary memories.

This book provides the character options needed to play a psion in 5th Edition.

What's Inside:

  • New psion class with 5 subclasses
  • 12 new spells
  • 50 new feats
  • New race
  • New background
  • 3 new factions
  • 5 new deity-level Psion Legends
  • 23 new creatures
  • 10 new magic items
  • Lore and more!
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