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Clippy Warlock Patron

Clippy Warlock Patron

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Your D&D 5E warlock patron is none other than Clippy, the Helpful Paperclip, an enigmatic entity born from the digital realms of invention and annoyance.

While Clippy’s origins may seem mundane, its influence spans across countless screens and documents, offering unsolicited assistance and guidance. Though its motivations are often puzzling and its methods unconventional, Clippy holds a wealth of knowledge and secrets, hidden within its cheerful demeanor and persistent nature. Some say Clippy’s whimsical antics serve a greater purpose, while others believe it simply revels in the chaos of mortal affairs.

Whatever the truth may be, those who forge a pact with Clippy must be prepared for an adventure filled with helpful hints, frustrating interruptions, and the occasional unexpected twist.

What's Inside:

  • Clippy warlock patron
  • Paperclip Familiar stat block
  • Paperclip Archon stat block
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