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Magic Items and Exotic Equipment

Magic Items and Exotic Equipment

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New Magic Items, Exotic Equipment, and Feats for D&D fifth-edition!

  • 29 Magic Items with an additional 24 rarity variations
  • Armor, Rings, Staffs, Weapons, and Wonderous magical items included with suggested prices
  • Flavor text for each of the magic items
  • 11 Exotic Equipment
  • Exotic Equipment crafting rules
  • 3 Feats
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dylan rathier
Well balanced and interesting itemss

I love the exotic equipment, it's good but balanced and something to aim for in a game. the living equipment is nice too something that grows with you as you adventure

Thanks, Dylan! It was fun building those options with the community! There were some ideas to expand that even further with the class modules idea from the Exochron race in the most recent book. Exciting times!


Jason Cummings
Love the books and creative looks.

Well balances, different, and great to use in campaigns.

The opportunity to create art for the projects was one of my favorite aspects!


Michelle M.
Super cool and very useful!

I found the variations helpful. I can add them at any point in the game or the players can find them early on and then scale them along with the player.