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Project Cerberus: Ethereal Sight

Project Cerberus: Ethereal Sight

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The rolling gray fog spread as far as you could see, though in truth, that was only a few feet if your light and the depths weren’t playing tricks on your eyes. Occasionally, an ephemeral streak of blue or purple raced through the gloom, but otherwise, it was like walking through an ocean of obscurity.

Looking behind you, the light streaming from the portal back to the Material Plane was still visible. You had 8 hours before it shut behind you.

Taking a deep breath, you settled into a trance for a few moments. When your eyes sprung open, a thin bead of red luminescence appeared right between your feet. As you began walking, a trail appeared, leading back to the portal.

There’s a youngling out there waiting to be rescued from the Deep Ethereal and the clock is ticking.

This D&D 5E setting provides a myriad of new lore, player options, GM tools, and exotic creatures. Meshing high fantasy with cyberpunk themes, players and GMs alike will delight in the options to play out adventures of heroic desperation.

What's Inside:

  • Ethereal Dragonborn: Evolved with unusual powers, explore with this unique playable race.
  • Reaper Background: You are more than just a farmer, you're the lifeblood of the city.
  • Hope Domain Cleric Subclass: Bring a spark of light to the darkest corners of the Ethereal Plane.
  • Nexus Lore: Unravel the secrets behind the city on the border.
  • Wayfinder's Tether Spell: A prized tool of those that travel places known to ensnare the unprepared. 
  • Ethereal Drifter Feat: You were born to explore the Ethereal.
  • No AI! Only Human-Crafted Artwork: Immerse yourself in a stunning visual world inspired by creative minds and powerful brushstrokes.
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