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Summoner NPCs, Villains, & Their Summons

Summoner NPCs, Villains, & Their Summons

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New NPCs, Villains, Summons, and More for D&D Fifth-Edition!

  • 27 stat-blocks ranging from CR 1/2 to CR 25
  • 10 Summoner stat-blocks, including one named villain Sazor the Decayer
  • 3 new skeletons
  • Lore for each creature with suggested ability checks
  • Tactical descriptions for each creature providing inspiration for how they approach an encounter
  • 40+ plot hooks for the creatures to provide side quest ideas, descriptive flavor, or general assistance in populating the world 
  • 15+ detailed skill and roleplaying encounters providing ability checks, recommended DCs, failure options, and successful conclusions
  • 60+ combat encounters providing suggested party level, difficulty, monster breakdown, and loot
  • Sidebar suggestions for variations, modifying the rules, and quickly adjusting the CR of creatures
  • Detailed descriptions of the creatures
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